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We are glad to announce that Eman Pulis, the founder and CEO of Sigma Group, will join the Stakeborg board as our new advisor.


In addition to a wealth of experience in event management, Eman Pulis holds a degree in education with first-class honors, as well as a master’s degree in diplomacy, creativity, and education. Eman also sits on a number of boards as a senior advisor.

His main project, AIBC, quickly became the place to be when it comes to crypto & blockchain fans, so having Eman on our team was a complete no-brainer. Our goals and long-term visions are perfectly aligned, and together, we plan to open the gates for crypto adoption and make Stakeborg one of the most respected and appreciated crypto brands from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.


Eman Pulis:

“There is a constant need for education initiatives in crypto, so even from the first discussions I had with Razvan and Vlad, I realized that we would make a great team. The industry also needs “smart money,” funds capable of strategic investments to help crypto startups grow in a solid fashion. I am confident that Stakeborg could play a significant role in both areas.”

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